Copyright Notice

I take copyright theft very seriously.

I take great pride in my web site, design work, photography and content, and take copyright very seriously.

All of the content on this web site (photography, graphics, copy, code and opinions) and associated media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) is the legal property of The Lanzarote Web Designer.

Would you like to use my content?

All I ask is that you request permission to do so.  Sometimes I say yes, other times I may refuse but it is not O.K. to just take my photos, videos or copy and use it for your own gain without written permission.

You may not re-use my content without written permission and simply credit it back to me.

To make it as clear as possible,  if I have not provided you with written consent to use my work then you are doing so illegally.

What happens if you use my content without permission?

By not adhering to the terms above, if you go ahead and use my content without permission then I will issue a removal notice and charge, via formal invoice, the following rates:

Online use (content appears on a web site, social media, email campaign etc) will be charged at €1000 / £1000 per item.  For example if you use an entire article, without permission, that contains text and 2 photos, the total invoiced cost will be €3000 / £3000. These prices are pre-tax, which will be applied at the applicable rate at the time.

Seems expensive?  Not really!

I spend a great deal of time and money on hardware, software, writing code and copy and planning.   So, naturally, if someone feels like they can just use my content without asking, for their own financial gain, I will follow up on what what I am legally entitled to.

Invoices will be issued without prejudice and are non-negotiable, although I may offer a discount for prompt payment.   Failure to provide payment may result in an increase in fee and legal action being taken against you.

Creating web sites that the search engines love.

I have a great track record in building sites that rank well for popular search phrases.

When I start your project I build it from the ground up with best practice "on-site" optimisation methods. This involves both content and code optimisations to encourage the search engines to rank your site with authority for search phrases that will drive traffic to your site.

Once your site is complete I would strongly recommend, if you need to rely on your site for revenue, that you continue with regular Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing to improve visibility and encourage enquiries.

If you would like more information on post build marketing services then get in touch and we can discuss your options.

I'm interested!

Photography web sites

Are you looking for a web site to help promote your photography portfolio?
I can build solutions that enable you to manage your work online, easily adding, editing and removing photos and displaying them to your future prospects.

Photography Web sites. Lanzarote Web Design

Property Rental web sites

Do you own a property management company, or holiday rental agency and need a site that enables you to manage availability calendars, handle enquiries and bookings and allows site visitors to search for their ideal holiday property?

Holiday Rental Web sites. Lanzarote Web Design