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I need a new website, but I don’t know what is involved. Can you help?
Absolutely. I’ve been building web sites for over a decade and have forged many long term business relationships with people who are serious about their web site investments.  If you have any questions or concerns about what you need to get started I can talk you through the process.  

I have a web site and it needs updating.  Is it better to update what I have or build a new one?
Honestly, it depends on the site, but in most cases it’s more cost efficient to start again. I find a lot of people using free web site builders want me to “improve” what they have but this is not a service I provide. Call me old school, but if you want a quality web site that gives a professional impression of your business, you shouldn't be using free web site builders.

I’m not in Lanzarote. Can we still work together?
Definitely. I have worked with clients all around Europe, the United States and Australia. 

Can you build web sites that I can update myself?
Yes! I have developed a content management system that allows clients to easily update their own web sites, and it’s as easy as editing a word document. The content management system allows you to do just that, update content. If you want to change the design or layout of your site then you should contact me for a quote.

Can you build web sites that allow me to sell products?
Yes! I can build you a site that allows your visitors to browse your product range, add them to their virtual basket and checkout / pay online. This type of web site also comes with a back office where you can easily add, edit or remove products, store customer details and view your order history.

I already have a brand, logo and signage.  Can you build the web site to match it?
Yes!  It is important that your brand is consistent across all your advertising platforms.  If you have specific colours, fonts or imagery that you want to use,  just let me know before the project starts, 

Will you start my project straight away?
It depends on my current workload.  You will be informed of lead times before you commit to the project. To start your project I require 50% of the agreed costs up front, with the final 50% paid when the site is ready to go live. The non-refundable deposit acts as an acceptance of the proposal confirms that you would like me to carry out the work.

How long will it take to build my website?
The amount of time to complete a project will vary depending on the type of site it is and if you are punctual with providing content and assets (logo, imagery etc).  When I sit down and write your proposal I will provide an estimate as to how long I believe the project will take. 

How do you charge for your work?
It’s no hidden secret that time is money, so I base my charges on how long I think the project will take. Once we agree on a price, unless the goalposts of the project change, meaning that more work is required, that is the price you will pay.  If additional functionality is required, or the scope of the project changes I will be happy to quote for the extra work. To commit to the project you will pay a non-refundable deposit of 50%. The final 50% will be paid on completion as per the specification.

Do I own the web site when it is complete?
Absolutely. 100%.  If you want a copy of the site files emailed to you for safe keeping then just ask.  You are permitted to use the web site as you wish for your own use, but under no circumstances are you allowed to use /amend the code to create and resell the site to third parties.  

I’d love to work with you on a joint venture.  Are you interested?
Sorry, no. I’ve worked on a number of joint ventures in the past and in my experience they don't work. I end up investing hundreds of man hours and the other party doesn't follow through on their commitments or just loses interest. 

I need some great photographs to showcase my product, can you help?
Although photography is a hobby of mine, I’m not a professional.  If you are based in Lanzarote I work with an exceptional photographer that I can highly recommend.

What is hosting and do I need it?
In order for people to be able to reach your website, it needs to be stored on a server that is permanently switched on and connected to the internet.  Just like a traditional business needs physical premises a web site needs an online home.

I didnt want to host my web site with you, but now I have a problem. Will you sort it out?
All my hosting clients get their problems looked after by me. So if you have problems with email deliverability or down time, a quick message to me will see you up and running again in no time. If, however, you decided to go with a different hosting provider, for whatever reason, and you run into problems that you insist I resolve there will be a non negotiable fee. 9 times out of 10 I can't directly sort these problems out for you and have to go through the time consuming process of liaising with the hosting companies support team so costs can run up quite quickly .

Can I see how you will design my site before I commit to the project?
No. The work that I undertake is tailored specifically to the clients brand.  I don’t use standard templates and everything you see is created by myself. I will happily provide previous examples of my work and client testimonials.

How can I contact you?
Whilst communication has become easier,  I also think it is now more complicated than ever due to the number of channels available. Therefore, the best way to contact me and get a timely reply is by email at  This way it also helps to keep a trail of things we have discussed for your project.  That way, we all have a record of what has been agreed and there can be no ambiguity.  Please note that I do not accept requests for work via social media or by phone.  All requests need to be provided and confirmed in writing, via email.

I’ve sent you an email but not had a response yet.
Clients who have a support agreement with me will receive responses within the agreed time frame set out in their contract. As I carry out all the work myself (I don’t outsource) it sometimes may seem like you don’t receive a reply to your email. Please be patient. Do not re-email, message via social media or comment your questions on posts as that doesn’t help anyone.  

What type of clients do you work with?
I work with people who are serious about their online presence and want to build a long term relationship.  This means that occasionally, if I feel we aren’t a good fit or you budget is unrealistic for what you want to achieve , I may turn down the offer to quote for work.

Can you do me a discount to see if I like your work, and then maybe I will have more work for you?
Absolutely not. Discounting work definately doesn't result in quality. If you want to pay less for your project then maybe we can discuss stripping out some elements that are not neccesary.

Client Conduct
Building a web site or online presence should be both exciting and rewarding.  If I am not meeting your expectations I will do my best to find a solution within the original specification and budget, to ensure you are happy with the final product.  If at any time I receive abusive or unpleasant communication from a client I reserve the right to cease work on the project immediately and refuse future requests for work.  In this case, my decision is non negotiable.

Creating web sites that the search engines love.

I have a great track record in building sites that rank well for popular search phrases.

When I start your project I build it from the ground up with best practice "on-site" optimisation methods. This involves both content and code optimisations to encourage the search engines to rank your site with authority for search phrases that will drive traffic to your site.

Once your site is complete I would strongly recommend, if you need to rely on your site for revenue, that you continue with regular Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing to improve visibility and encourage enquiries.

If you would like more information on post build marketing services then get in touch and we can discuss your options.

I'm interested!

Photography web sites

Are you looking for a web site to help promote your photography portfolio?
I can build solutions that enable you to manage your work online, easily adding, editing and removing photos and displaying them to your future prospects.

Photography Web sites. Lanzarote Web Design

Property Rental web sites

Do you own a property management company, or holiday rental agency and need a site that enables you to manage availability calendars, handle enquiries and bookings and allows site visitors to search for their ideal holiday property?

Holiday Rental Web sites. Lanzarote Web Design