Coaching and Consultancy

Success mentoring for your online business.

What is our Web Coaching service?

Some of our customers are genuinely interested in the social marketing and ongoing promotion of their website. Our coaching service will help you to understand how to promote your site through organic SEO, Social Media Marketing and on-site content.

You will understand how to research high traffic key phrases and funnel customers through to your website, where you will engage them through to completing the sale of a product or service.

What's involved?

We tailor your Coaching plan so that it's unique to you and your website. You tell us exactly what you want to achieve and we will build a coaching plan that helps to make that happen.

Once a week we will hold an online one-to-one coaching session where we will help you to understand the tasks that need to be completed to reach a particular goal. You will then go away, implement those tasks (with support available along the way) and report back a week later.

Do I need to have a website built by you?


As part of the coaching we will run an analysis on your website to identify areas that may hinder the progress of your online promotion. We can then either prepare a quote to rectify these issues, or simply hand over the report for you or your web designer / developer to action.

Once any issues are resolved we will then proceed with the coaching.

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