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Translate your Web site content into perfect Spanish.

Why do you need to translate your Web site?

Your Web site has the potential to be viewed by users from all around the world, and whilst the majority communicate in English can you afford to be losing out on business from people that can't understand your content?

The top three languages based on internet users are English (985 million), Chinese (771 million) and Spanish (312 million). For English businesses or Web sites working in Spain, imagine the potential loss in revenue from 312 million prospects.

There are a number of automated translation services (e.g. Google Translate) and software packages on the market that can take your English content and translate it; badly. Whilst you may think this is a clever and cheap option, in reality it's probably harming your business image as the machine translations aren't perfect and only partially communicate the message you are trying to get across to your potential customers. You also have zero control over automated translations. Why would you want content on your web page that you haven't been able to proof read. It's just not professional.

Having a Web site in multiple languages also helps Google and the search engines direct users to pages that are relevant to them, giving the user the best possible experience based on their location.

How will the Web site handle the translation?

There are a number of ways we can build the translation facility into the user experience. It can be via a dropdown, automatic detection of location based on the visitors I.P. address or any other graphical means of switching languages.

What costs are involved in translating my Web site content into Spanish?

The cost of the translation is based on the length of the content and the price quoted will be dependant on your word count. There may be additional costs involved with the framework of your Web site so that it is built to handle multiple languages, especially in the case of more complex sites such as eCommerce and Content Management driven sites.

I have a content management system. Can I just send you new content to translate?

Yes, of course. Send us the content and we will provide you with a quote for the work. Once completed we send it back to you to insert into your CMS.

How is the content translated?

All content is translated manually by talented linguists. The benefit of the manual approach is the ability to understand the style and emotion of the original text before translating it accordingly.

Sounds good, what do I need to do?

If you are supplying your own content, just let us know when you place the order for the site and we will include the translation service in your proposal. If we are writing it for you, tell us you would like the content in both English and Spanish. It's that simple.


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